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Project Description
An attempt to create classes which parse an improved version of ResX files into .resources

As most of us know, ResX files are very limited:
* Only basic types are shown as strings (it'd be great to see lists and dicitonaries in non-binary format!)
* Binary data (such as images) are included inside the .resx with no option to keep the data external
* String localization support is a bit lacking (compared to, for example, PO files)

Work Completed So Far
  • An ASP.NET replacement for System.Web.Compilation.ResXBuildProvider, ResXImproved.ResXBuildProvider is available and allows for dicitonary's and list's to be displayed as text in a ResX file

Long-term Goals
  • Allow referencing of external files, such as images, so that they are not binary-encoded inside the ResX file
  • Allow any object type to be specified in a custom format inside the ResX file (an improvement over using TypeConverter because built-in types, such as the generic Dictionary, can be represented in text)

Thanks to Dmytro Kryvko for his work on the Extended Strongly Typed Resource Generator, which is used in the Improved ResX Generator and offers the following improvements over the built-in resource builder:
  • Option for resources to have internal visibility or public visibility
  • Formatted strings strong typing, so that passing the wrong parameters to a formatted string results in a compile-time error instead of a run-time error
  • Thread safe initialization of the ResourceManager class instance in the ResourceManager property.
  • Generated resource class wrappers are compatible with the .NET Compact Framework

Original source available here:

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